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Practice Experience: Ms. Harmon Kennedy has practiced law in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Unlike many attorneys, her background includes both litigation and transactional experience.

Much of Heather’s background is in complex civil litigation. She began her career in Las Vegas, Nevada, and worked at a mid-sized firm and a large firm defending residential developers, general contractors and subcontractors against construction defect claims. These cases are usually referred to as “complex” based upon their involvement of protracted litigation, complex issues, multiple parties, difficult legal questions, or unusual proof problems. Construction cases often last for years and involve dozens of defendants. Working with these types of cases, she gained a strong understanding of the litigation process and the importance of a proactive discovery strategy. In fact, litigation strategy is one of Heather’s passions and forms the basis for her success in transactional law. Her first-hand understanding of the “damage control” side of a transaction is critical to properly planning the transaction in the first place.

Heather’s litigation experience also includes defense of personal injury, premises liability, products liability, fraud, misrepresentation, general negligence, indemnity, insurance, and contract litigation cases.

In 2010, she was appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court as a Foreclosure Mediator following the 2008 recession, and has served as an arbitrator tasked with resolving attorney-client fee disputes.

For real estate clients, Heather represents real estate investors, landlords, tenants, developers, contractors, and homeowners in most issues affecting their ownership and use of real estate, including the purchase and sale of real estate, land use contracts, land trusts, removing clouds on title to real estate, addressing issues arising from purchases of real estate at tax sales and sheriff’s sales, HOA disputes, foreclosure, leasing, and administering a decedent’s estate involving real property.

For construction clients, Heather represents homeowners, developers, contractors and subcontractors in pursuing and defending construction defect claims, providing advice regarding insurance issues, and drafting contracts to best protect a party’s interests later on.

For small business clients, Heather can help determine the best organizational structure (it’s not always an LLC, contrary to what you’re probably being sold online!), negotiate and draft appropriately-customized contracts, and provide tailored advice based upon her experience and research in several other areas, including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, employment law, harassment/discrimination, business trusts, crowdfunding, medical marijuana business issues, insurance, risk management, compliance, and general counsel regarding business issues. Her licensure as a Nevada attorney also provides business owners with the unique opportunity to discuss whether a Nevada business may or may not be appropriate for them (again, as you might have heard online – and it’s not always true), and if so, to help businesses properly plan for and finalize the business structure.

Uniquely experienced in transactions, litigation, mediation, and arbitration, Harmon Kennedy LLC is well-equipped to help clients strategize a transaction or business with the goal of avoiding problems later on, provide legal advice for ongoing transactions and relationships, and help resolve legal issues once they’ve arisen.

Personal: Heather lives with her husband and son in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and enjoys exploring nearly everything “local” about the area!

Why HK?: At HarmonKennedy, you will always be working directly with Heather, and will never be shuffled through a sea of staff trying to find someone who knows about your case. Heather prides herself in her ability to boil down complicated issues to the most relevant aspects, and most importantly, explain legal concepts, risks and issues to clients in easy-to-understand terms. Clients often complain that attorneys are “too busy” to really listen to them and answer their questions, and Heather’s goal is to never have a client hang up the phone or leave our meeting being confused about what was said. Heather believes that her ability to translate legal concepts and explain strategy in clear, relatable ways provides additional value to clients that they can use long after the transaction is complete or the legal issue resolved.

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